Client Satisfaction Surveys 2019

See what clients are saying about services at KCNPI


•  Theresa has been great! The standard therapy in conjunction with the neurofeedback has really helped me over the past couple years.  When I began seeing Theresa, I was dealing with a heavy load of problems- marital problems, work performance, memory and other cognitive issues, depression, anxiety, confidence loss, and sleep issues.  In retrospect, without Theresa and the neurofeedback I cannot imagine where I would be right now. I am so grateful!  

•  I very much appreciate the feeling of the practitioners being personally involved in my welfare.

•  I frequently recommend Theresa- she has been so helpful to my daughter and family!  Theresa is a wonderful listener and counselor. 

•  I rarely recommend anything to anyone, but KCNPI, I would recommend on a weekly basis! Your work improves lives! I have seen it in my own and the lives of people I have recommended it to. 

•  Neurofeedback has changed my life! I am grateful for being able to receive a healing technique that has helped heal and calm my anxiety, stress, and PTSD issues. Brianna has done a wonderful job holding space for healing and helping me understand the benefits of neurofeedback and how neurofeedback changes the brain. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service in Kansas City!

•  This has made such a positive difference in my life! I have seen improvement and feel better! 


•  Michele is very knowledgeable and friendly. The process is fascinating! 

•  Passionate people looking to help people heal! I would highly recommend KCNPI if you're looking to speed up your healing process. 

•  Neurofeedback is an amazing tool toward healing. It's a fascinating process and helps one realize the potential of our brains. I have been able to drop all medications I previously took and feel my mind is more clear as well.  

•  The healing powers of neurofeedback are amazing! The entire process is fascinating. I would definitely recommend to others! 

•  I highly recommend KCNPI! Neurofeedback has helped me think more clearly and maintain a sense of calm that I didn't have before.