Client Artwork

Neurofeedback brought me all back together

from pieces TO PEACE

Results of Weekly High-Performance Neurofeedback (HPN) Treatments.

Recipient: Joy A. Martin; aged 56, Married, CMHC Graduate Student.

Report prepared by Joy Martin on 3/04/19 after 20 HPN Sessions.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words; perhaps my ‘Heart Art’ from this year’s

Valentine’s Day celebration at the InterUrban ArtHouse with Sherri Jacobs, M.S., LMFT-T., M.A.,

ATR and Dr. Elizabeth Deng, Cardiologist with Midwest Physicians, will help convey the benefits

that I have experienced from 20 sessions of Neurofeedback.

SIDE NOTE: Since HPN, I’ve had to modify some of my behavior to break unhealthy lifestyle habits,

which facilitates better care for my brain and body. Pertinent behavior modifications are:

• Being mindful of the words I use in everyday conversations and situations so that I do not dramatize

and/or heighten a situation to create a crisis in my mind and spike adrenalin (adrenalin hit).

• Practicing time management; leaving the house earlier to arrive five minutes before scheduled

appointments and other responsibilities to avoid rushing around and spiking adrenalin (adrenalin hit).

• Research shows that exercise is good for brain health; my goal is to walk my neighborhood, or on the

treadmill, for 30-45 minutes at least three times per week.

• Consistently engaging in abdominal breathing and taking appropriate action when I feel stress/anxiety.