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KCNPI is dedicated to using advanced brain retraining techniques to help people in ways that traditional mental health therapy cannot. We have discovered that many people with mental health issues have reduced brain function resulting from concussion, head injury, post-traumatic stress disorder “PTSD”, depression, anxiety and other disorders. Our brain retraining systems help people’s brains and bodies calm down and establish new communications pathways—taking advantage of the brain’s natural plasticity.  Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change by creating new neural networks so the parts of the brain can communicate with each other more efficiently.


KCNPI offers both active and passive neurofeedback in Kansas City/Liberty, Missouri so that you are able to achieve the results that you desire.

Licensed Clinicians

Our licensed clinicians are able to provide you the best possible treatment due to their training in treating the whole person. They commonly treat symptoms of ADHD, concussion, head injury, PTSD, depression, anxiety and other disorders with various modalities including talk therapy, EMDR, mindfulness, and neurofeedback. Neurofeedback often is the key to getting clients’ brains and bodies to the point where those other therapeutic modalities can be most effective.  


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Kansas City NeuroPlasticity Institute, LLC

10 Westowne Street, Liberty, Missouri 64068, United States

(816) 407-7706


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