Neurofeedback Testimonials


Give Yourself The Tools You Need To Succeed

"Theresa is an amazing person.  I’ve seen several therapists over the years and definitely felt the most lasting effects with her.  She has truly given me the tools to take my life and thoughts back and overcome even severe trauma.  I am always impressed with her instinctive ability to discover core issues in a nonjudgmental and extremely helpful way. 

After just a few Neurofeedback sessions with Theresa I’ve noticed a vast difference in my emotional wellbeing.  I find it easier and easier to detect when my mind is getting sucked into emotional triggers, and the pull and “charge” of those triggers has diminished drastically.  My ability to deal with difficult life experiences has improved as well.  

Perhaps the best proof comes from my spouse, who has noticed a significant increase in my amount of patience, emotional stability, and ability to navigate difficult circumstances."  ~ B.G.

Post Concussion Syndrome

"When I started seeing Theresa in 2015 I was having at least one migraine a week that was incapacitating, sometimes it would even take me down for a week, sometimes longer.

I have had 12 to 15 documented concussions, and many more undocumented ones as a lifetime soccer player and now a Division I Coach. I have been diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome, Migraines and Vertigo. Damage to my hippocampus was diagnosed in 2006. 

I suffered with migraines, anxiety, and depression. I was sleepy but I could not sleep. I was hallucinating, had blurry vision, was seeing stars, my tongue and lips felt swollen (even though they weren’t). My fingers up to my wrist would get numb. It was so bad even words did not come easily. It was like I was in a fog and I could not get my thoughts clear.

At times I would feel like my head was being crushed and it was like there was liquid dripping in there.

Traveling with my team was difficult and exhausting for me. As were changes in weather and stress. 

I did not feel that most of my medical doctors were helpful, truly cared or were curious about what I was going through.  My family struggled to know how to help and support me.

Theresa suggested several things for me to try along with the neurofeedback—things that I could do at home and work when I was struggling. 

The hallucinations were completely gone within 4 months! I am less competitive at home and I can actually play games with my family and friends, I reach out for help, and I am more open about my concussion issues with my family, friends, and my team. I only have a migraine now every 2 to 3 weeks and they don’t last as long, and they are not as intense." ~ C.C.

Take A Chance On Yourself

"When I started neurofeedback with KCNPI I was a personal and professional mess. I had multiple concussions as a child playing soccer and football through high school.  After years of overwhelming stress as a trial lawyer, my body was failing due to a horribly painful, chronic disease.  I was overweight, angry, depressed and suicidal.  I wasn't able to focus at work and would waste several hours each day just staring at the computer screen--floating and unable to think straight.  Even if I slept 12 hours at night I would wake up exhausted.

When KCNPI ran my baseline EEG it was completely "upside down"--all of my brainwaves were the opposite of what they should have been.  I was skeptical--wondering how what appeared to be a computer game could help fix me.  After my first session of neurofeedback my body relaxed like it hadn't in years and I had the best night's sleep I could remember.  After several sessions I could feel life returning to my body.  I finally had enough energy to start working out.  

Then she moved me to the next level with NeuroGen HPN.  I lost 70 pounds, am no longer depressed, don't need psych medications anymore and have my chronic disease under control. My latest EEG shows my brainwaves are now within normal ranges.  I am human again.  I have the most focus, satisfaction and success in my work I have experienced in 20 years.  I'm no longer angry and no longer lose my temper.  I sleep all night and even dream again!

Take a chance on yourself if you are suffering like I was.  Living with an injured brain doesn't have to destroy you.  KCNPI's brain healing experts can give you your life back!" ~ W. B.

The Change is Subtle...

Session 12 today, and your prediction was on point. I am not the same person I was upon our first meeting.

I'm becoming more cognizant of my emotions, reactions, and conditioned reflexes. The transformation unfolds in a subtle manner, but my development/healing is perpetual and exponential.

I can acknowledge triggers, more rationally as time progresses, and even better I am able to process the events and emotions then pack them away.

The flashbacks are usually quite scary the first time around, but after my brain accepts, processes and stores the frightening memory, I can think/talk about them as if they're in the past; No longer a threat. Each memory becomes just that. ...something I remember occurring, and I experience it as such.

My usual fight/flight/freeze responses to past threats are becoming fewer and fewer. I am so grateful. Thank you, Theresa and Brianna. ~ L.C.

Healthy progression being made!

My husband is more engaged in our daily life.  He is joking and laughing more often. His ability to stay focused has improved.  His level of distractibility has decreased causing him to be less withdrawn at home.  He has become more patient with our grandchildren, which is a significant change!  He has become so much more self-sufficient around the house, taking initiative in planning events, and even walking daily for exercise! Healthy changes are being made and I am so grateful for the practitioners at KCNPI for their continued work with my husband and I.     ~ C.H.

Game Changer!

Results of Weekly High-Performance Neurofeedback (HPN) Treatments.

Recipient: Joy A. Martin; aged 56, Married, CMHC Graduate Student.

Report prepared by Joy Martin on 3/04/19 after 20 HPN Sessions.

• Joy chose to complete 25 sessions of High-Performance Neurofeedback (HPN).

• HPN treatments began on 9/10/18; treatments scheduled to end on 4/01/19.

• HPN treatments were conducted weekly by Theresa R. Hubbard, LMFT at KCNPI.

1. SLEEP! After a lifetime of insomnia (4 to 6 hours per night), I am now sleeping through the night

and getting 7 to 8 hours per night, and once in a while, I get 9 hours.

2. I experience less trips to the bathroom during the night—1 time per/night vs. 3-5 times per/night.

3. When I do awaken during the night, I normally go right back to sleep—that’s new for me!

4. I am no longer awakened by sudden jolts of adrenalin, fear, anxiety, and panic during the night.

5. Before HPN when my adrenalin surged in the night, my blood sugar would crash—I would need

to eat a piece of fruit and calm down to get back to sleep—I have no need for that ritual anymore.

6. I am experiencing a brand new sense of CALM on the inside of my body. Note: My body had

adapted to a state of high anxiety, which was ‘normal’ for me; I did not realize that until I began

to feel a sense of calm on the inside. (I noticed this change around sessions 15, 16, 17+).

7. I am able to eat/digest protein (meat, fish, eggs) without abdominal pain, discomfort, or bloating.

Note: My diet was very limited before HPN; no protein, only some vegetables, some fruits, and

smoothies. This makes sense to me—if my autonomic nervous system was in a constant state of hyperarousal, digestion would have been compromised. While I still maintain a strict corn, soy, dairy, wheat, gluten free diet, I am enjoying a variety of foods.

8. I am no longer hungry all the time; my appetite has decreased. I now feel satiated and content

after I eat versus still feeling famished; I can stop when I’m full—no longer triggered to overeat.

9. I am able to feel, identify, and work through emotions much more effectively and efficiently.

I no longer use food to shut down strong feelings/emotions during times of significant stress.

10. I experience less impulsivity and compulsivity; I now practice greater patience and sound

reasoning—I take time in decision-making—there’s no rush. My husband appreciates this! J

11. I am more apt to remain present in normal conversation and in difficult situations. Remaining

present in conversations no longer feels like work to me—spacing off or dissociating has

significantly diminished. Note: To communicate the magnitude of healing and freedom in this

area of my life, my nickname growing up was, “Space”.

12. Increased self-regulation; I can identify what I need for spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

13. I am experiencing greater concentration; I am reading and comprehending more efficiently.

14. Before HPN, I experienced severe test anxiety in school; this seems to be lessening.

15. While I still enjoy the pursuit of excellence, I do not feel that driving and demanding sense of

tedious perfectionism—as if a project was a life or death matter. I work at doing my best.

16. I’ve noticed I turn down the volume more often on anything audio (never been a fan of NOISE).

17. I actually see with greater clarity—colors seem more detailed, vibrant, and brighter to me.

18. Neurofeedback has significantly aided me (and continues to aid me) in working through

complex developmental trauma, PTSD-related symptoms, and life in general.

HPN Promotes Change: Before HPN, I was at the mercy of excessive adrenalin which drove my

mind/body in high gear throughout life. Now I get to choose how I operate; for example, HPN has

enabled me to choose peace versus falling to pieces when faced with challenges and difficulties.


Memory Improved!

Theresa, I hope this email finds you well. I just had to tell you about this… I have never been successful at memorization; however, maybe a week ago or so, I was purchasing an item on line, and when it came time to type in my credit card number, my 16-digit Discover number popped into my mind. I initially doubted that the number was correct, but I decided to type it in anyway. Then I went and checked my card for good measure and the number I typed in was 100% accurate. I have NEVER memorized a 16-digit number; I have always had to retrieve my card when making online purchases. Since then, my credit card number automatically comes to mind when I need it. That is really an amazing change, and at the same time, having my credit card number so readily available in my head can be a really bad thing too! LOL


Hi Theresa, Just wanted to say thank you for the break through session we had last Friday with Mike. You cannot believe the impact that you had on him, which ultimately means the impact it will have on me and our relationship. Your insights and explanations of things, especially of me and what I am capable of, and not capable of, YET, has Mike viewing things with a differently lens already! We had such deep conversations over the weekend that were already different, mostly around my coping abilities and my brain. He actually said, “ I think she is someone who could actually help me with things I don’t even realize about myself”!  We are both really excited about the neurofeedback and the doors that may open up for me. You are nothing short of amazing to me and I just wanted to say that to you. 

Thank you for all that you do!!!


Customer Satisfaction Surveys 2019

* Theresa has been great! The standard therapy in conjunction with the neurofeedback has really helped me over the past couple years.  When I began seeing Theresa, I was dealing with a heavy load of problems- marital problems, work performance, memory and other cognitive issues, depression, anxiety, confidence loss, and sleep issues.  In retrospect, without Theresa and the neurofeedback I cannot imagine where I would be right now. I am so grateful!  

* I very much appreciate the feeling of the practitioners being personally involved in my welfare.

* I frequently recommend Theresa- she has been so helpful to my daughter and family!  Theresa is a wonderful listener and counselor. 

* I rarely recommend anything to anyone, but KCNPI, I would recommend on a weekly basis! Your work improves lives! I have seen it in my own and the lives of people I have recommended it to. 

* Neurofeedback has changed my life! I am grateful for being able to receive a healing technique that has helped heal and calm my anxiety, stress, and PTSD issues. Brianna has done a wonderful job holding space for healing and helping me understand the benefits of neurofeedback and how neurofeedback changes the brain. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service in Kansas City!

* This has made such a positive difference in my life! I have seen improvement and feel better! 


* Michele is very knowledgeable and friendly. The process is fascinating! 

* Passionate people looking to help people heal! I would highly recommend KCNPI if you're looking to speed up your healing process. 

* Neurofeedback is an amazing tool toward healing. It's a fascinating process and helps one realize the potential of our brains. I have been able to drop all medications I previously took and feel my mind is more clear as well.  

* The healing powers of neurofeedback are amazing! The entire process is fascinating. I would definitely recommend to others! 

* I highly recommend KCNPI! Neurofeedback has helped me think more clearly and maintain a sense of calm that I didn't have before.